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Architecture & Design

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Architecture & Design

The Logos Group takes great care in designing lasting architectural works. Key to our architectural designs are the principles of durability, utility and aesthetic. We believe it is the intersection of these three principles in approaching our work that allows functionality to be maximized and visibility to be achieved.

Specific areas of expertise that the Logos Group specialises in, in relation to architecture and design are structural engineering and hydraulic engineering systems. These specialties leave us with great expertise in understanding the strength of materials, providing structural analysis and in predicting structural load such as the weight of the building, occupants and contents and reactions to extreme events. Dually, our expertise affords us a wealth of experience and knowledge in managing the flow and conveyance of fluids, including water and sewage.

Throughout the design and planning of any given project, we operate as a Principal Certifying-Authority so that we may lawfully oversee the developmentā€™s construction phase and complete mandatory building inspections.In addition to this, we handle the provision of a BASIX certificate as provided by the Building Sustainability Index to ensure all energy, water and thermal comforts meet Government sustainability requirements.
Services Include :

- Architecture - Structural - Hydraulics - Basix - Principal Certifying Authority